Old Fort MacArthur Days - 2004, 2006

Each July, Fort MacArthur Museum hosts "the west's largest continually running re-enactment and living history timeline event." I found some photos I took before I started this blog:
 It showcases military activity from around the world across all time lines.
 I have seen everything from cave men but they may have been costume visitors.
 The largest contingent being the Civil War and WWII.
 I didn't know Pirates are considered military.
 There are re-enactments of specific battles, including firing cannons.
Then Roman Empire and those they conquered.
 I like trying to capture still lifes without modern backgrounds.
I read they are cutting way back this year from two days to one plus limiting displays to US units from 1900s and eliminating battle re-enactments and enemy combatants in costume. No more American Revolutionary War or Civil War uniforms or weaponry. Doesn't sound like much fun.
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