Old Fort MacArthur Days - 11 JUL 2015

Since this is the third time I've blogged about this event, I gave myself a challenge to only shoot in black and white. Click on the links to see my previous postings and the color of history:
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Finding the Buffalo Soldier camp followers (doctor, wife, nurse) gave me the idea to look behind the scenes.
And to look for women soldiers and supporters as with this IRA group:
New facts I learned:
Wounds made by a triangle saber could not be stitched.
I knew about the high rate of death from disease during the Civil War and massive damage created by the new French mini-ball. I was told even with all the advances in modern medicine, smashed bones (mini-ball damage) cannot be repaired. To lean more about Civil War medicine clink this link: National Museum of Civil War Medicine
I didn't know abacus usage was taught as bead arithmetic.
I also learned that bloodletting was an effective relief for high blood pressure headaches, from which George Washington suffered. And, he was bleed to death when his doctors removed too much blood.
There were several female soldier reenactors:
View my previous entry "Women of the Civil War" to learn about some female heroes.