Getty Villa – 20 NOV 2008

We took a couple of friends and went to see the newly renovated Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. The original entrance was through this Outer Peristyle.

The Malibu location was the original museum for the Getty collection which was moved to the Getty Center in Brentwood in 1997.
The Getty Villa is a re-creation of the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum. This is the new entrance.
Although it is the home to an extensive collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities, we spent most of your time taking guided tours of the grounds.

Los Angeles Fires – 15 NOV 2008

Last night I was talking to my sister and her husband, in Minnesota and they asked if fire was close to LA. I assured them the fire wasn’t bothering us as Santa Barbara is 2 hours northwest of us. A few hours after our conversation, things changed drastically. The next morning I awoke to fire in the Angeles National Forrest. We were just up there a couple of months ago (see blog entry: Sacred Ground – September 13, 2008). At 3:30 PM when I went to leave the house, I found my car covered in soot and the sky grey with smoke. This was the view looking North up Centre Street towards Los Angeles. It just looked like a dark overcast day, but…
When I turned around to look South towards the Ocean, it was obvious that the dark sky was from a cloud of smoke descending upon the Port.
We drove up to Gaffey Street lookout, to get a view of the Port.
Then we went to the Korean Bell to view the Ocean. It was (or would have been) one of those unusually clear days were you could see the entire Catalina Island (23 miles away), but today the sky was filled with smoke.

At dinner, I found there were also fires in Orange & Riverside County. With 2,000 acres destroyed in OC and 8,000 acres in the Angeles National Forest this is turning out to be our worst fire ever. The smoke was so thick, this 4:00 PM shot with the sun still an hour from setting, looks like the pretty sunsets shots I used to get in the 60’s when the smog was bad.