Pancho Gets a New Home - 24 NOV 2009

The trip to Santa Barbara yielded more than just culture…we stopped at a local theatre to purchase tickets for “Tea at Five” where Stephanie Zimbalist portrays Katharine Hepburn. We walk into the lobby and find this adorable dog, who was looking for a new home…when I sat down, he jumped into my lap and I was hooked! So Fuji, Jan & Max have a new baby brother. He’s under two years, a Schnoodle (Schnauzer Poodle mix) who’s owner died. This is his before bath time picture.After, we gave him a new name: Rudy (for Rudy Vallee) because he tends to hum, sing and purr.

Teddy Bear Museum – 23 NOV 2009

We drove up to Santa Barbara to check out the Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library ( It was so worth the 2+ hour drive. Where else can you see over 3,000 dolls and teddy bears depicting the widest range of time, culture, countries and entertainment? This unique museum is the personal display of Susan Quinlan’s private collection and you even get to have Susan give you a tour…it felt like visiting with your favorite Aunt. Her knowledge is boundless and her hospitality unmatched. She offers you free tea or coffee in a beautiful room filled with teddy bear murals. Tinky Winky really enjoyed this part of the tour. I was overcome with a sense of history displayed in her rooms…for me it felt like time travel, renewing old memories long forgotten. You name the doll or the genre and you’ll find it in her displays…everything from indigenous people to science fiction.