Head Phone Cord Wrap

Do you have old store cards, hotel room keys, or credit cards?

Now you have a device to control head phone cords:
You can also use different configurations for larger cords. 

Dogs of Norway & Scotland - JUN 2014

Some people stop to smell the roses, I stop to photograph the dogs.
Geiranger June 7
Geiranger June 7
 Kristiansund June 8
The ship's godmother, Karine Hagen, was on board with her dog, Finse. The one dog I saw several times and still didn't get a good photo. Here's some publicity shots:

 Finse is even the star of her own children's books:
And she was born at Highclere Castle (Downton Abby): Story of Finse & her kin
Tromso June 10
The next dog was very special, he was sleeping in the gift shop to the Ice Bar. I almost stepped on him thinking it was a bear skin rug, when it moved...he was HUGH. He got up and went to his bed under the steps.
Honningsvag June 11 
These signs were posted over his bed:
Lerwick June 15
 Kirkwall June 16
 Kirkwall June 16
Kirkwall June 16
Edinburgh June 17
Thank you to all the doggies who brighten my day.