Tall Ships Festival, Los Angeles - 20 AUG 2014

Today was the start of a five day festival being billed: "The Greatest Spectacle on the Pacific."
They moved the S.S. Lane Victory, next to the U.S.S. Iowa and brought in the world's largest rubber duck to add to the festivities.
At 2:00 o'clock, there was to be a grand parade of tall ships being lead into the harbor by the Rubber Ducky...
...either there was misinformation about the parade route or high winds caused the duck to turn back before it even reached Angel's Gate Lighthouse.
 American Pride
I only saw two tall ships coming in, when the duck was out (it seems their exact arrival time is not predictable).
 Tole Mour
The 61 foot, inflatable rubber duck (sitting on a steel floating pontoon platform) was the hit of the show.
Everyone wanted their picture taken with the 11 ton duck.
Wednesday and Thursday it was docked in our new Downtown Harbor inlet; but by Friday night, it was moved to behind the cruise ship terminal (berth 91-93) docking it in front of the Tole Mour.
Tole Mour
A small model was placed on the grass near the pedestrian promenade. 
The real show was getting up close and personal with tall ships:
Spirit of Dana Point
The "Official Tall Ships and Maritime Ambassadors of the City of Los Angeles" are named after the author, lecturer, adventurer, sail training pioneer, Irving Johnson and his wife, Electa (Exy). She is considered a modern sail training doyenne and is also an author, lecturer and adventure.
Irving Johnson
 Exy Johnson
 Tole Mour