Western Museum of Flight, Torrance, CA - 06 MAY 2015

This week-end was the "Wings of Freedom" tour at the Louis Zamperini Field outside of the Western Museum of Flight at the Torrance (CA) airport.
I got there just as the event was closing and I got to see the B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" Flying Fortress, B-24 "Witchcraft" Liberator and the P-51 "Betty Jane" Mustang, taking off.
B-17 Flying Fortress - "Nine-O-Nine"

B-24 Liberator - "Witchcraft"
This "Witchcraft" heavy bomber (B-24) is the last one of its type still flying.
P-51 Mustang - "Betty Jane"
These three WWII aircraft are considered exceedingly rare.
Thanks to the Collings Foundation, they have been going all over the country as a living history tour.
This was my first time at the Western Museum of Flight (3315 Airport Dr, Torrance, CA).
JB-1 Bat Prototype
Pioneer 5
They have several aircraft, historic photographs, blueprints, an extensive aircraft model collection, wind tunnel models and a research library.
 F-86 Sabor Jet
F-86 Sabor Jet
Bede BD-5
 You can climb into the F-5A Freedom Fighter:

They conduct a lecture series and have an impressive gift shop with all types of model kits.

This old car was on the other side of the runway.