Day of the Dead, Rancho Dominguez - 03 NOV 2018

Originally a three day celebration consisting of Oct 31st (All Hallows Eve),  Nov 1st (All Saints Day) and Nov 2nd (All souls Day), it has evolved into a single Day of the Dead celebration here in Los Angeles, perhaps based on Mexico delaring Nov 1st - Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Deat) as an official holiday back in the 1960's. 
This year we went to Rancho Dominguez to catch their event.
It was a small event: several alters, handful of gift vendors, one beer vendor, one food vendor and some very colorful Aztec dancers of all ages.
Unlike Halloween, which is mischief (trick or treat), ghouls and monsters, Day of the Dead is a colorful celebration of life with love and respect for deceased loved ones.
Pierced paper (papel picado) chiseled paper folk art varies from crude to finely elaborate. Today's versions were massed produced, machine cut plastic.
Alters (ofrenda) are decorated with flowers, family photos, toys and food to welcome spirits. The spirits of departed family and friends are believed to visit these alters during the celebration.
There were several alters, including one for beloved pets.
Marigolds are said to help the spirits of the dead find the way to their alter.
This little girl (she was under 10) looks very grown-up in her festive make-up.