Largest Container Ship - 26 DEC 2015

Just before dawn this morning, the largest vessel to ever touch an American shore, coasted into the Port of Los Angeles. At first glance, from a distance, it appeared to be part of a building.
From the recommend viewing location (Japanese American Fishing Village Memorial on Terminal Island) it was at an extreme angle that dwarfed its size.
Going in for a closer look we headed over to Berth 401; from the road, the entire ship could be viewed but still from an angle that diminished the impact of its size. 
Here's a image from their website:
"The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin can carry up to 18,000 containers - including 1,500 Reefer containers. All containers placed in a line would equal the distance between Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. Its maximum load capacity represents the volume of 235 Olympic pools - meaning almost 290,000 cubic meters."
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