Sunken Rock Island and Lighthouse – 28 SEP 2010

Built in 1847, it marks a dangerous rock formation just below the water. The island, which was built up to provide a foundation for the boathouse and light, but it is so small a keepers dwelling was never built. Keepers live on the main land and would row out each morning to extinguish the light and cover the Fresnel lens, returning in the evening to reverse the process. The lighthouse was solarized in 1988 and now belongs to the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., an agency of the Department of Transportation. Despite the lighthouse (and modern navigational equipment) a cargo ship, the Roy A Jodrey, was destroyed by this sunken hazard in 1974.
Boldt Castle:
This is the Power House located to the right side of the island:
Didn't see much of a sunset but the clouds were great:
I when with the guys from work to the Bonnie Castle Restaurant for dinner.
Tried some black & white night shots but digital just doesn't have the punch of film:

Alexandria Bay, NY – 25 SEP 2010

On my drive over to Alexandria Bay, I found some interesting items; such as this deteriorating barn:

As a still life: The trees were just staring to turn:
This farmer is making money using his barn as a billboard:
I couldn't get close to the Texas Longhorns in Oklahoma, but here they were right next to the fence.
They were more interested in eating, than looking at the stranger with a camera; so, I had to make noise to get them to look at me:
Except for this little guy, who really wanted to know what I was doing:
The Rock Ledge Motel looked so quaint:
But the single looks a little they have bathrooms?
And then I found Alexandria bay:

This had been a bank:

Built in 1866, the Cornwall Brothers store has also served as a Post Office, U.S. Customs and Immigration office, Coast Guard office and now a museum.
Cool tile in front of the store entrance:
The place I wanted to eat at, had gone out of business:
Main street was cafes, bars, pizza joints and tourist gift of which was selling these magnet bottle caps:
My beach still life:A boat will take you out to an island with a castle...there are two of them: Bolt Castle and a little farther away, Singer Castle.

Multi-millionaire George C Bolt, built this castle for his wife, but before it was finished, she died and he abandoned the project.

Albany to Watertown, NY - 19 SEP 2010

Keeping to the back roads I found more interesting sites. A different kind of lawn ornament:An old one room school house turned into a house and now abandoned:
Another interesting flower pot:
This most unusual barn is near Fonda, NY:
I stopped at the Mohawk Indian Craft Shop (which has some lovely items) and learned the barn and house (a Bed & Breakfast) is part of the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community. Link to Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community Andy, who runs the Craft Shop on the same property, told me about a small cemetery a few blocks up the road.
It was so small and hidden; I would have missed it if he hadn't given me a heads up. I have no name for it, as it was unmarked and there is no information about it on the Internet.
I really liked the way this image came out:
Fritz G. Vogt was an itinerant folk artist who walked around the Albany area taking odd jobs, and exchanging drawings for drinking money and a place to sleep.
This is the Indian Castle Church (Little Falls, NY) build in 1769. Link to Indian Castle Church
Another rural still life:
Off Route 5 (near Frankfort), I saw a small wooden sign: St Agnes Cemetery 1911:
No impressive markers but it had a great view.
This was the only marker of interest. The short drive up a winding road through a wooded area, was beautiful.
I went speeding by this dead skunk and then I started thinking about what I had seen. White fur with a black Stripe? Skunks are black with a white stripes...never the other way around. I had to turn around after 5 miles and double back to look again. And the white was so full and pretty.
But walking to the other side, I saw it was an illusion.
And yes, photographing a dead skunk is a smelly job.

Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, NY – 19 SEP 2010

Found a Presidents grave: Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President of the United States.If you can’t remember him it’s because he was only in office for 3 ½ years following the assassination of Garfield.

Many of the lovely “Sisters of Sorrow” were worn, stained or damaged so I played around with the images in my digital darkroom, trying to come up with some usable art.

To view more of my cemetery images: Merrilee Adler on Flickr