Joseph’s Bakery, San Pedro, CA – 20 MAR 2013

Located at 1027 S. Meyler Street in San Pedro, Joseph’s Bakery has existed for 47 years which means it’s lived here only a few years longer than me. 
This icon has only used word of mouth to get people in the door. Open 5 AM to mid-afternoon (Tue-Sat), the secret is to get there before the sun rises. I found the place looking like this at 9:00 AM:
They were sold out of most everything, so I was only able to try the lemon bars and brownies (which were great)! Determined to find out what all the hype was about, I decided to return at 5 AM but overslept and got there by 6. 
Now it looked more promising:
This Mom and Pop business is still run by the original couple. Rosa Tuberosi, pictured above, runs the front counter and her husband, Carmine gets up at 1 AM to start the baking.
They have several items made from the same croissant dough; I went for the custard filled, chocolate croissant and one with frosting.  The rounded white frosting item was almond flavored and the small powdered sugar item goes by many names: Mexican Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Walnut Butterballs, Snowball Cookies. My mothers’ version was called Swedish Tea Cakes.
After picking out the pastries, I said, “Tell me about the pizza.” The reply was, “It’s just coming out of the oven, now. We sell it by the slice, $1.75 each.” So I took couple of  slices to go. It was also very good! 

San Pedro Postal Museum, San Pedro, CA – 30 JAN 2013

This is my second trip to our little known and well hidden Postal Museum. Started in 2000, its’ fate is unknown, as Brian, the only person to open the door for public viewing (by appointment only), is retiring at the end of the month.

Many of the artifacts were found items from when storage areas were being clean during a 2nd and 3rd floor renovation project.
1930s Cancelling Machine
1930s Post Masters Office
The museum is located in the basement of our historic Streamline Moderne Post Office, built in 1935.
Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, we have an original Fletcher Martin, 40 foot Mural painted in 1938:

San Pedro’s Oldest Church, CA – 30 JAN 2013

Hand built by locals in 1883, Old St. Peter’s Episcopal Church has been moved for the fourth time. It is now fully restored and belongs to a modern Memorial Park (Green Hills) on Western Ave.
When it was built it was located on Beacon Street between 2nd and 3rd Street.
In 1904 it was moved to 10th and Mesa.
A new church was built and the old one was moved in 1956 to Harbor View Cemetery on 24th and Grand.
The move to Green Hills Memorial Park took place in 2011.
There are several new stain glass panels created from historic records to represent what once existed.
Restored to its former beauty, it is open to the public.

Nixon Presidential Library, Yorba Linda, CA – 28 JAN 2013

This was my second visit to the Nixon Library. The first time was over fifteen years ago, for a company event. I was still tinted by my dislike of the man who escalated America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. I lived through Watergate and the 18 ½ minute gap, so I saw him as a liar and a cheat. The original library, run by his supporters, was an expected disappointment which glossed over the biggest scandal in American politics. 

But time has mellowed me and brought improvements to the museum. It is now run by the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) which means it has been revised to give a complete review of Nixion's political career. There is now a large display relating to Watergate and his Abuse of Government Power.
Nixon spoke with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during their moonwalk.
Six-ton Sikorsy VH 3A “Sea King”
Another new addition is the Presidential Helicopter which you can walk through.
This was the helicopter he flew on August 9, 1974 when he resigned and flew from the South Lawn of the White House to Andrews Air Force Base.
Although you can take a tour of his boyhood home, the second story is no longer open to the public (safety issues). 
Unique among historic homes, instead of possessing a few original items, nearly everything inside this house is from the Nixon homestead.

Because of the changes made by the NARA, I can now recommend this as a museum worth visiting.