Turning Crypt Glass into Affirmative Art

Image from the Crypt:
Repairs made in Photoshop:
Transformed into Affirmative Art:
Image from the Crypt:
Transformed into Affirmative Art:
Image from the Crypt:
Transformed into Affirmative Art:

Stain Glass from New York Crypts

From September 2001 to November 2002 I spent several months working in White Pains, New York. One of my favorite week-end outings was to visit one of the many lovely cemeteries in NYC area. These are images of stain glass taken from peeking into crypts.

Unknown Cemetery – Atlanta, GA

The only information I have on this cemetery is that the photos were taken on March 7, 2001. According to my day-timer I was teaching a SAP class in Atlanta on that day so this must have been close to the work site (which is also unknown). I’m always sadden by vandalism…this statue would have been lovely with arms, legs and a head.

Guess this marker says it all...

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Lakewood Cemetery – Minneapolis, MN

Lakewood Cemetery, established in 1871, is 250-acres of wooded hills between Lakes Calhoun and Harriet in south Minneapolis. It is a public, non-profit, non-denominational cemetery with some extraordinary pieces of architecture. These images were taken on August 30, 2000.

The next images were taken in August of 2012:
 As with other garden cemeteries from the late 1800's, this one is filled with the founding fathers of the city, such as George Dayton (founder of the department store that became Target Corporation); John S Pillsbury (Flour company now part of General Mills); his grandson, John Pillsbury Snyder and wife, Nellie, who were both Titanic survivors; T.B. Walker (lumberman who started Walker Art Center); Franklin C. Mars (creator of the Milky Way candy bar).

 Also the grave of Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey:
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