Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, MD – 04 DEC 2010

Established in 1839, it claims to be the earliest rural or garden cemetery created in the United States. It has many local historical figures plus Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators, Samuel Arnold and Michael O'Laughlen. There is also, Napoleon's sister-in-law, Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte and The John Hopkins of the University & Hospital fame.

This is one way to keep the monument details from eroding:

This sculptor marked his grave with his own art work.
I wonder if the view was clear rolling landscape when she was first put on her pedestal:
This is one of the most unusual markers I've ever seen:
Reading the markers it maps out to be husband, Edward Ayroult (1838-1900) and wife, Alice Canby Robinson (1850-1939) and their three children: Edward Ayroult Robinson Jr (1876-1983), Ruth (1889-1916), Alice Robinson Semmes (1886-1970) and her husband, John E Semes (1881-1967).

She looks very similar to the one I saw earlier in the day at Baltimore Cemetery (see other blog entry for December 4th).
A twist on all those devoted wife of headstones...she who dies last, gets to write the inscription.
Cherubs always mean a child's grave.
Inscription: David George, son of David H & Lizzie G Daneker, Born Aug 10, 1871
Accidentally killed Nov 8, 1880
On the bottom are two more child inscriptions that seem to be 1880 & 1883.

There were several open crypts that were partially sunken, where you could look down into four layers of markers:

He looked better from the back:

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Baltimore Cemetery, MD - 04 DEC 2010

Located at 1901 N. Rose Street, Baltimore, MD; I could not find any online information about this cemetery.

She looks very similar to the Angel of Sorrow from Sunnyside Cemetery in Long Beach, CA.

Such lovely hair:

After learning about Edgar Allan Poe and his stint at Fort Monroe...I felt like he was visiting me at this cemetery.

World War I Doughboy:

This ones for my friend, Kate, who loves words.