African American Quilters of Los Angeles - 07 NOV 2015

The 2015 show was called, "A Taste of Mardi Gras Quilt Show" and was held at the Carson Community Center.
The Jester's Mask - Veronica Jones
The AAQLA started in 1986 with a hand full of black women and an exhibition at the California Afro-American Museum located at Exposition Park.
Easy Peasy - Yvonne M. Williams
Today, their Guild boasts of a multi-ethnic membership of over 160 men and women of all ages
African Queens - Sylvia Adams
This group really knows how to put on a good show, with (not one but) two party favors when you walk in the door, live jazz music, seven categories for audience judging, quilting demonstrations, vendors, ticket drawings for gift baskets and was over-whelming!
Fleur De Lis - Gloria Sanders
The seven categories were: General
Hula Guilt 2015 - Elaine Whiting Geanakopoulos
Labyrinth Walk-A Two Block Quilt - Gloria Jones
Spring Quilt Block - Gloria Sanders
Flower Garden - Rosalee Watson 
Mardi Gras Quilts
Carnavale De Venezu Masks - Gloria Sanders
Mardi Gras Queens - Rudy Ewell
Round Robin
Round Robin-African Prints - Gwendolyn Spaulding
Wearable Art
Quilted Jacket - Vicki L. Stuckey
Art Quilts
Rain Forest Flower Garden - Estelle Hamilton
Mask Wall
and Block of the Month. Many of the quilts I found lacking in originality as they let the printed pattern in the material rule the design by just sewing around an image. But several (as I've shown in this posting) created the pattern by combining materials to create the design.

Modern Jacobean Applique "Exotica" - Gwendolyn Jones

YoYo Quilt - Gwendolyn Jones
This vendor, Kisasi Ramsess, (also an AAQLA member and exhibitor) truly paints with material.
Plus, he turns his quilts into several other medias for purchase: cards,
and coloring books.
Someone told me he started in mosaic and stain glass. His website says he is a self taught artist. I asked him if he also did all of his own sewing and he said he does. Here's a link to check out his wonderful art: Ramsess Art Online 
The AAQLA meets monthly at the Department of Water and Power in Downtown Los Angeles. There is a monthly dues and each member is expected to make a quilt during their birthday month that is then donated to a non-profit. There are several quilt circles within the organization that meet in other areas around LA. Their quilt show is a bi-annual event. Here a like to their website: AAQLA 

Art Car - 07 NOV 2015

In the parking lot of the Carson Community Center, I found this very interesting "art" car.
The owner came up while I was photographing it and gave me the rare opportunity of interviewing the creator of an oddity.
I asked, what inspired him to glue toys on his car and all he could say was it started with horses (because he used to own some) and just kept expending.
He did say his family is embarrassed to ride anywhere in his car...passing up special treats if it mean using his vehicle.
It also had logos for Dodge, Cadillac, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes and Honda, along with stuffed toys inside.
 Several of the pieces move or speak. He pressed a button on the dinosaur which then roared.