Big Bear Zoo Critters - May 26, 2008

This week-end was spent at the cabin in Sugarloaf and Tinky Winky was excited to visit the Moonridge Animal Park.

This is the best zoo of life because it really is an animal rescue and rehabilitation facility. All their animals fit into three categories: 1) they were injured and couldn’t be released back into the wild, 2) they were imprinted and can’t survive on their own, 3) they are part of the “Species Survival Plan” to re-populate endangered species.

You could never get this close to skunks in the wild…and these guys still have the ability to spray! TW insisted on taking this picture so people could keep the dogs in order.

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 21) - Salad Bowl

El Centro Postcard #21:. . . . THE END. . .
. When life gives you lemons; make Margaritas! Thus, I say goodbye to my Margaritaville. Thanks for being part of the fun!

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 20) - Wind Vane

Only Two Left
El Centro Postcard #20:

Everyone needs an ornate light post.

Harbor Cruise - May 17, 2008

As the start of World Trade Week, we got to take a free boat tour of the Los Angeles Harbor.
This is the nation’s number one container port and this year it’s celebrating the Port of Los Angeles Centennial.
This World War II Cargo Vessel, the S.S. Lane Victory, which carried materials of war to our Armed Forces in WWII, Korea and Vietnam is now a floating Maritime Museum. Going under the Vincent Thomas Bridge, gives one a different perspective. This 1500 foot long suspension bridge is the only suspension bridge in the world supported entirely on piles. Linking San Pedro and Long Beach it is the third largest suspension span bridge in California.

Here's what it looks like from the land; I took this shot in 2003:Cheryl saves Tinky Winky from dehydration."This booming seaport not only sustains its competitive edge with record-setting cargo operations, but is also known for its groundbreaking environmental initiatives, progressive security measures and diverse recreational and educational facilities."
"With fire stations located in each direction of the 7500-acre port complex, the Port of Los Angeles is the safest in the nation in terms of fire protection and response."

Sky Diving - May 16, 2008

George was celebrating his 63rd birthday so we went to Perris to skydive.
After seeing these wings TW decided to do a solo jump, the rest of us took a tandem jump.
Then we all signed each others Jump Certificates:

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 19) - Florist

El Centro Postcard #19:

El Centro, CA - Main Street Merchant
World's largest variety of dry flowers

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 18) - Tattoos

El Centro Postcard #18:

. . . El Centro, CA - Main Street Merchant.
Only $21.95 for knuckle tattoos: LOVE or HATE

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 17) - Fine Dining

El Centro Postcard #17:.
Sort of gives a new meaning to Pinto Bean Salad!
I asked a co-worker, "Where do you go to have a really nice meal and celebrate a special occasion?" Answer, "Yuma!"

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 16) - Expensive Sand

El Centro Postcard # 16:
Semi-precious "white sand" is found in limited quantities in El Centro. There's a rumor that they sell it to a hotel in Hawaii.

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 15) - Blue Angels

El Centro Postcard #15:
Because with NO air traffic, they can rehearse any time.

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 14) - Night Life

El Centro Postcard # 14:
.Run by Asians making Mexican pastries, French coffee and American banana splits; God Bless America!

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 13) - Sugar

El Centro Postcard # 13:.

      Hades makes sugar? No wonder it tastes so good!

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 12) - John Deere

El Centro Postcard #12:
. . .          And some of the women!

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 11) - High Rise

El Centro Postcard # 11:

In this town, only the alfalfa can sing the Jefferson's theme song, Movin' on up.

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 9) - Lions

El Centro Postcard # 9:

Decorating Tip #321 - Nothing spruces up Aluminum like sculpture!

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 8) - Way Below Sea Level

El Centro Postcard # 8:
. . . . I think I've found Hates.

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 7) - Water Tower

El Centro Postcard # 7:
. . .. . . . . It's also their only "Historical Landmark"

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 6) - Garden Club

El Centro Postcard # 6:

First Prize Winner: "Best use of a bathroom lawn ornament"

El Centro (Humorous Postcard 5) - Desert Homes

El Centro Postcard # 5:


. . . . .If you lived nowhere, you'd be home now!