Old Neck Tie Projects - 10 FEB 2016

In the mid 80's, I was given a large garbage bag full of old ties, that a friend had purchased at a garage sale. I pulled out all the blues and greens, washed and disassembled them and put them back into storage.
Now, thirty years later, I've started on my log cabin quilt. Each panel is unique.
Because many of the ties were silk and would slide around on the sewing machine, I hand stitched the panels. Last year I finished all the panels and this year, a friend will put them together for me.
With the scrapes, I created panels that I've been using to create insulated bottle holders.
I've been going through Pinterest and found 101 projects for old ties, but none of them show what I've been doing for the last 30 years. Whenever I buy a hat (new or used) I attach a custom hat band made from one of my old ties.

I've also converted several of them into women's ties.
Bought a large old clay pot that was disintegrating...I sealed it, decoupaged old ties, and painted the rim.