San Pedro's Oldest Bar - 20 AUG 2015

Welcome to San Pedro's Oldest Historical Bar - Alhambra - Since 1936 (located at 216 W. 11th Street).

My home is less than a block from this dive bar and today I finally went inside. Every time I walk by, there is some type of loud conversation spilling out into the streets. Today was no exception.

My brother paused before entering, wanting to make sure there wasn't a fight about to break out. The noise was coming from the three women in the back. I think they only get enthusiastic drinkers in this place.

The only beer on tap is Budweiser.
The "Historical" part of this bar is the building. Built in 1905 it was San Pedro's City Hall which served as the headquarter for the fire and police departments. It was abandoned in 1909 when San Pedro was consolidated with Los Angeles and a new building was built on Beacon Street.
There are jail cells under the bar but the entrance has been cemented over.

The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles - 20 AUG 2015

20,000 square foot emporium located downtown at 5th and Spring Streets.
If you like old bookstores and funky art, this is the place to visit.
The check out counter is made of stacked books.
There are books turned into flight full art,
a mounted Wooly Mammoth head hanging on the wall,
a peek-a-boob wall of books, 
and a walk-through arched tunnel of books.
Since this building had been a bank, there are three safes, each turned into reading rooms.
Upstairs is called the Labyrinth (porthole into an alternate universe),
with several cubbyholes for more abstract art,
and the Spring Arts collective gallery and shops.
Ashley Fisher hand cuts intricate silhouettes which are mounted in antique frames.
I love the work from the Lockjaw Garage,
wonderful functional art made from recycled items.
Check out their website: The Lockjaw Garage
Through this dirty window I spotted bare breasted women on the second story of the building next door;
a detail that would be lost from the street view. All the art inspired me to make some of my own:
This photo from the Los Angeles Times shows the book store during an event:
Walking to The Last Book Store there are wonderful sights to see:
Buildings with ornate brick work,
and colorful stores.

Biddy Mason Park, Los Angeles - 20 AUG 2015

There is a wall in the center of the block surrounded by Broadway, Spring, 3rd and 4th Streets (in downtown Los Angeles). It tells the story of Biddy Mason.
The story on the wall says she was born into slavery in 1818, in Georgia. When her owner moved to California (a free state), she petitioned the court for her freedom (in 1856).
She was one of the first African Americans to purchase land in Los Angeles. She worked as a nurse and midwife.
She held a meeting in her home to organize the Los Angeles First African Methodist Episcopal Church (in 1872). She nursed the sick, comforts prisoners, and feeds the homeless.
From other resources, I learned she was quite the entrepreneur, amassing a fortune of nearly $300,000. Her grandson became the riches African-American in Los Angeles at the start of the twentieth century.

Los Angeles Quilt Show - 09 AUG 2015

This Quilt and Fiber Art Festival was held at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. 
The Crafted warehouse, located at 112 E. 22nd Street, San Pedro, was an excellent venue for this type of of show as items were able to be hung for viewing from all sides.
It's a large open, airy space with lots of light. Here's a partial display of items that caught my eye (with close-ups):
Marineland - Ellen November
In the upper left, you can also see the Glass Church.

When Marineland opened in 1954, it was the world's largest oceanarium. In 1987, SeaWorld bought it, moved our Whales to San Diego and closed the park. I'm still boycotting Sea World!
Terminal Island - Ellen November

Tangy Orange - Fahmida Arain

 Bleeding Heart - Grace Errea

Color Commitment Issues - Cathy Seidman

 Twisted Ties - Susan Barrett

Spinach - Sally London

So Cool - Linda Curry
This was her first t-shirt quilt, it gave me vertigo and 70's flashbacks.

 The Seasons - Helen Indries

 Small Quilt in Recover - Meriel Stern
 (crocheted silk-wrapped wire)

This was my vote for 'Best in Show':
Crazy Quilt Jacket - Carmen Moen
(jacket quilted, finished with ribbon & decorative hand stitching)

Purely Pearly - Alice Weiss 
Tres Chic (tray) - Alice Weiss 
 Death Valley Dawn - Alice Weiss

A Study in Patter - Alice Weiss 

 Pineapple Swirl - Susan Barrett

 Ibiza Quatrefoil - Jenny Scott
A variation on "Drunkards Path," cleverly hung on window screen

A Star Medallion for Thailand - Julie Sawyer Rogan

There seems to always be one vendor who sticks out from the crowd because their product is so clever. This time it was the The Thoghtful Thimble.
 They have the best mat boards, made from recycled PVC. My current mat was becoming useless after hundreds of cuts because the mat was all cut up and the rotary blade would not cut through, evenly.
 With the PVC mats, you can scrape them with a tool which will remove the cut marks. The best part is, the material you are cutting will not slip on the PVC surface.
I also learned, for best results, sewing machine needles should be sharpened after 8 hours of use. And they have a kit that only takes four stroked (while rotating the needle) to sharpen a needle. Check them out: Thoughtful Thimble 
 As I was leaving I saw this beautiful blooming succulent.