King Tut Exhibit - 08 JAN 2019

I was reluctant to see the California Science Center King Tut Exhibit since I had seen the first exhibit of Tut artifacts in 1978. My memories of that exhibit were of the large crowds:
From the Los Angeles Public Library
According to the LA Library, the attendance records for the 'Treasures of Tutankhamun' exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (1978) holds the museum record for attendance of a single exhibit, a record which still has not been broken. I remember being packed and shuffled in like sardines-in-a-can, moving slowing pass several impressive golden objects:
Death Mask - Los Angeles Public Library
I was very grateful, platform heals were the style of the day as mine made me 4 inches taller and kept my feet from being stepped on.
The new exhibit was much larger, over 150 artifacts vs the 55 artifacts of 1978; and included 60 new treasures never seen before (outside of Cairo).
I had not taken into consideration the changes in technology during the last 40 years, which made this new exhibit even more impressive and informative.
It included 3-D images, 360-degree theatrical manifestations, custom audio soundscapes, digital content, MRI scan results, several videos and a tribute to Howard Carter, the British archaeologist who unearthed the original tomb.
I didn't bring a camera, wrongly assuming photos would not be permitted, but non-flash and non-video images were allowed and I was lucky to have my cell phone with me.
Vase with Domed Lid - Dark Blue Faience
Dark Blue Faience Headrest
Lapis Scarab
The exhibit which ran from March 24, 2018 to January 13, 2019, will complete a tour of 10 international cities before returning to Cairo in 2024.
Blue Faience
This PBS video will give you the history of this Pharaoh who had once been written out of history: King Tut - PBS Special