Tall Ship Dar Mlodziezy - 26 DEC 2018

Took the dogs for a walk yesterday and saw this ship:
Went back today for a tour.
This training ship of the Gdynia Maritime University is only here for a short time and is open for self tours today and tomorrow.
Dar Mlodziezy (means The Gift of Youth) is a class 'A' rig ship from Gdynia, Poland. She has been sailing around the world since May, in celebration of 100 years of national independence.
 The crew includes students from Poland.
She carries a permanent crew of 32 plus 136 trainees. 
At nearly 165 feet high and 311 feet wide, she weighs in at 2,255 gross tons.

She was built in 1982 to replace the frigate Dar Pormoza which had trained officers of merchant and fishing fleets for over fifty years.
She has participated in: The Tall Ships Races 2016, The North Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 and The Tall Ships Races 2017. Other events are listed on a cabin wall:
This trip it came from Japan, stopping in San Francisco first, it sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge on the 21st.

From here she will be heading to Acapulco, Panama (for a World Youth Day) crossing through the canal and heading to our East Coast before heading to London and then back to Poland (in March).
They had a table set up with souvenirs to purchase.

I drove around the shore to Cabrillo Beach to get this shot:
This shot is from their website: