Mount Hope Cemetery - Westchester, NY

Founded in 1886 as a non-sectarian cemetery. 196 acres located next to the University of Rochester.

And up close she has a nice face...

This one has a lot of detail on the tree stump...picture frame, hat, shoes...I love the ivy growing around it and becoming part of the sculpture.
I remember there being a brick wall with several crypts built into it, looking very medieval.

This was an eerie coincidence...notice the tree limp in the background...from this angle it looks like it's growing with the same curve as the angel wing.

These images were taken in November 2002.
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Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn NYC, NY

Located in Brooklyn, the then rural cemetery was founded in 1838. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006 and consists of 478 acres. There were some unusual monuments such as this one of the "Progressive Minstrel" who was one of the first US white owners of a minstrel troupe composed of black members.
Then there's the "let sleeping dogs lie" in front of a mausoleum.
Even without her sword, this is an impressive angel. These two ladies look very familiar...
...I think they appear in cemeteries across the county...or maybe it's the pose.
I named this one Harriet after my aunt.
This weeping angle is one of my all time favorites.
A Dog Monument...
...I couldn't figure out if the dog was buried there too or just the owner.

Notables buried here include: Leonard Bernstein, Horace Greeley, William Hart, Henry Steinway, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Samuel Morse (inventor of Morse Code), William 'Boss' Tweed, to name a few.
These images were taken in October 2001.
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Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest, CA - 17 MAY 2009

Today we spent the day at the Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest held each year at the Paramount Range in Agoura Hills. (
In the morning we were volunteer photographers, I covered the beginning musicians...

...while Todd covered the traditional singing stage.

Then we got to spend the afternoon, listening to the advanced players/singers and some professional guest artists.

I made the mistake of letting Tinky Winky try his hand at banjo playing. She must have really found her passion because shortly thereafter, he disappeared. Yes, the very sad news is TW has run off with some flat picking, banjo strumming, blue-grass player.

I looked high and low, but he was nowhere to be found (at least not in the lost & found). One of the young players at the festival said: "I told my dad, 'When I grow up, I want to be a Musician.' and he said, 'Well, I am sorry my son, you can't have it both ways.'" Guess this sounds like the right life for a Teletubby stuck on earth. Farewell my friend, I'll miss you...hope you have a wonderful journey.

Pelican, San Pedro, CA – 14 MAY 2009

Went down to the pier to test a camera and wasn't finding much to photograph. Several of the old storage warehouses are being torn down, but my favorite should be safe as it's been declared a historic building.
I love the drainage spouts...they really look great in the rain.
Went over to the fishing boats and TW found some chains and nets.
Not the first time nets were appealing...
...this one was taken in Connecitcut in 2002.
I was ready to leave when I saw a Brown Pelican perching close to the dock on a fishing boat.

Turns out, they are classified as endangered in California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas and Washington. As with the bald eagles, we have DDT to thank.

Calvary Cemetery - New York City, NY

Located in the borough of Queens, this is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in the United States. You may recognize this cemetery from "The Godfather" as it was used to film the funeral of Don Corlone.

This Roman Catholic cemetery started with 71 acres in 1848 and now at 365 acres, holds over 3 million burials.
Buried here are many organized crime members along with two Baseball Hall of Fame players and an Olympic gold medalist.

These images were taken in September 2001 & November 2002.
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