Los Angeles Zoo – 23 DEC 2008

We went to the Zoo today to see the new baby Koala. Koalas are not bears as they belong to the marsupial family, the same as kangaroos and opossums. Since they sleep for 18-20 hours a day, I consider it a real thrill to find one awake when I visit the zoo.
When Kirrhi was born on April 3rd, she was only ¾ of an inch long. Climbing into her mothers pouch she spent 9 months growing to become large enough to come out for a visit. We enjoyed checking out several animals. We went looking for the Siamang gibbon (the largest of the lesser Apes). They were making lots of noise the night we slept at the zoo (see LA Zoo Summer Slumber – July 26&27, 2008). They have a unique large “gular sac” (throat pouch) that inflates to the size of their head, allowing them to make a very loud sound. We spent 10 minuets waiting for them to squawk but they didn’t start barking until we walked around the corner.
It was so cold, the morning dew was still visible at noon.

Julian - 10 DEC 2008

Took a day trip to Julian, a historic gold rush, mountain town, an hour from San Diego. Turns out we pick the wrong time of year since the Julian Pioneer Museum was closed and we couldn’t get into the CA Wolf Center without a reservation…better planning next time. We did visit the Pioneer Cemetery circa 1870 and found this unique marker albeit on a modern grave.

On the way home we saw a sign telling us a section of the road was being kept free from litter by Oasis Camel Dairy. Eve says to me, “You ever milked a Camel?” I reply, “No, and I’m not sure what you even do with Camel milk. Can’t say I’ve every heard about it being used for anything.” I was thinking maybe it’s not really a camel dairy but just a name like Camel cigarettes, and then I look to my left and off in the distance I see camels. I scream to Eve, “Look, Camels!!” but we had already passed another hill and they were gone. Eve gave me a look like I was making it all up, so I made a U-turn and headed back. Passing them again, I scream and Eve’s still not sure if she saw anything. So, I stop to turn around in a drive way and find the street name is “Camel Drive”. Returning for the third drive by, I pull off the road, there wasn’t much of a shoulder so I had to make sure there was no traffic behind us and I point out the Camels and babies to Eve. As we pull away, I say, “I know! I bet they use it in tea.” Eve, “Tea?” “Sure” I explain, “Haven’t you ever heard of camel-mil-tea?” 

The mystery was later solved: Oasis Camel Dairy

Getty Villa – 20 NOV 2008

We took a couple of friends and went to see the newly renovated Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. The original entrance was through this Outer Peristyle.

The Malibu location was the original museum for the Getty collection which was moved to the Getty Center in Brentwood in 1997.
The Getty Villa is a re-creation of the Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum. This is the new entrance.
Although it is the home to an extensive collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan antiquities, we spent most of your time taking guided tours of the grounds.

Los Angeles Fires – 15 NOV 2008

Last night I was talking to my sister and her husband, in Minnesota and they asked if fire was close to LA. I assured them the fire wasn’t bothering us as Santa Barbara is 2 hours northwest of us. A few hours after our conversation, things changed drastically. The next morning I awoke to fire in the Angeles National Forrest. We were just up there a couple of months ago (see blog entry: Sacred Ground – September 13, 2008). At 3:30 PM when I went to leave the house, I found my car covered in soot and the sky grey with smoke. This was the view looking North up Centre Street towards Los Angeles. It just looked like a dark overcast day, but…
When I turned around to look South towards the Ocean, it was obvious that the dark sky was from a cloud of smoke descending upon the Port.
We drove up to Gaffey Street lookout, to get a view of the Port.
Then we went to the Korean Bell to view the Ocean. It was (or would have been) one of those unusually clear days were you could see the entire Catalina Island (23 miles away), but today the sky was filled with smoke.

At dinner, I found there were also fires in Orange & Riverside County. With 2,000 acres destroyed in OC and 8,000 acres in the Angeles National Forest this is turning out to be our worst fire ever. The smoke was so thick, this 4:00 PM shot with the sun still an hour from setting, looks like the pretty sunsets shots I used to get in the 60’s when the smog was bad.

Day 21 The Egg – 31 OCT 2008

As the 2008 Holiday Season Begins…
Wishing You and Yours
A Prosperous New Beginning!
Merrilee, Fuji and TW

Day 20 Witch – 30 OCT 2008

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Day 13 Football Hero/Cheerleader – 23 OCT 2008

Since there is no gender in Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky is free to wear anything he wants. She doesn’t understand why this only happen at Halloween for people.

Day 12 Soldier – 22 OCT 2008

Tinky Winky enjoyed playing with the ‘Reinactors’ but would never want to participate in a real battle. TW pointed out to me that the history of earth shows all wars are based on religious beliefs or the desire to own more. These concepts are very foreign to him because in Teletubbyland all creatures have what they need to be happy, so there is no desire to take what belongs to someone else. They don’t really have religion as everyone knows they are Divine Beings whose only mission is to enjoy life.

Day 8 Tooth Fairy – 18 OCT 2008

Ever wonder what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth? Sells them to a dental lab and makes a nice profit.

Day 4 Zebra - 14 OCT 2008

After playing with the candy dish (see blog entry January 23, 2008) Tinky Winky has been wanting to do The Full Zebra (reverse of Full Monty).

Day 2 Amish Farmer – 12 OCT 2008

Day 1 The Pumpkin Patch – 11 OCT 2008

Tinky Winky and I had an interesting discussion about holidays. We decided since there are 8 days to Chanukah and the 12 days of Christmas why not have The 21 Days of Halloween…our favorite holiday!
So, from now to the 31st, TW will get to experience a costume a day.

Meeting Riley - 27-28 SEP 2008

We finally got to meet our “New Family Member” (blog entry Feb 18th), who lives in Fresno (4 hours away)...and she is delightful!
TW loved all the toys Riley has.
I introduced her to Tinky Winky and Halloween socks. One is never too young to practice a Trick or Treat grab. Buster made the mistake of standing still for AuntieM.
And the parents made the mistake of allowing AuntieM some alone time with Riley.
What a pumpkin!