Oasis Camel Dairy, Ramona, CA – 01 FEB 2009

We took the Oasis Camel Dairy Tour, which is more of a tour of camels than a tour of the dairy. You get to sit in chairs as they bring out camel after camel and tell you interesting stories about each one and camels in general.
This baby came dancing out like a new colt in an open field…following it's mother, literally with a skip and a jump. It was sooo cute!

This is a Mother and Child.
Nancy Kobert and Gil Riegler, wife and husband team are the founders and their love of these magnificent animals, holds the dairy together. Link to: Camel Dairy
Goliath was a very unruly teenager that intimated his former owners, who did know he was just seeking love and affection from people. After being gelded and trained Goliath became Boo-Boo, a very affectionate Big boy who loves people.
Then there’s the incredible story of Valentine who was found nearly frozen to death shortly after her birth. The story of her rescue is a modern day miracle. You can read all about it and other stories on their web site: Cameldairy.com

So what do you do with camel milk? Among other things, make soap…which you can also buy via their website.
I always thought camels were mean and spit…turns out they are gentle, loving, affectionate animals and only the abused or bored will spit.
Now I’ve touch a tiger, fed a giraffe and pet a camel. Life is good!
They now can boast "As seen on Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs."