Belt Frame – Mar 2014

A friend sent me a craft idea about using an old belt to make a photo frame…then her mother sent me an old belt. This is what I created:

It would be hard to find a used belt large enough to make anything larger than a 4x6. I started with Ikea frames. 
Stained them and cut the belt to size. 

First, I glued the four belt pieces together, then I glued the leather to the frame.

Since the Ikea frames come in a three pack, I used some recycled leather to cover the other two frames. It had been a coat I bought at a thrift store for a different project.
 The outside gives you leather.

The underside gives you suede.
Then adding some of my western fine art images, I have the finished products: 
Big Valley
Home on the Range
Contact me to purchase either the images or frames.