Los Angeles Zoo – 23 DEC 2008

We went to the Zoo today to see the new baby Koala. Koalas are not bears as they belong to the marsupial family, the same as kangaroos and opossums. Since they sleep for 18-20 hours a day, I consider it a real thrill to find one awake when I visit the zoo.
When Kirrhi was born on April 3rd, she was only ¾ of an inch long. Climbing into her mothers pouch she spent 9 months growing to become large enough to come out for a visit. We enjoyed checking out several animals. We went looking for the Siamang gibbon (the largest of the lesser Apes). They were making lots of noise the night we slept at the zoo (see LA Zoo Summer Slumber – July 26&27, 2008). They have a unique large “gular sac” (throat pouch) that inflates to the size of their head, allowing them to make a very loud sound. We spent 10 minuets waiting for them to squawk but they didn’t start barking until we walked around the corner.
It was so cold, the morning dew was still visible at noon.