Harbor Cruise - May 17, 2008

As the start of World Trade Week, we got to take a free boat tour of the Los Angeles Harbor.
This is the nation’s number one container port and this year it’s celebrating the Port of Los Angeles Centennial.
This World War II Cargo Vessel, the S.S. Lane Victory, which carried materials of war to our Armed Forces in WWII, Korea and Vietnam is now a floating Maritime Museum. Going under the Vincent Thomas Bridge, gives one a different perspective. This 1500 foot long suspension bridge is the only suspension bridge in the world supported entirely on piles. Linking San Pedro and Long Beach it is the third largest suspension span bridge in California.

Here's what it looks like from the land; I took this shot in 2003:Cheryl saves Tinky Winky from dehydration."This booming seaport not only sustains its competitive edge with record-setting cargo operations, but is also known for its groundbreaking environmental initiatives, progressive security measures and diverse recreational and educational facilities."
"With fire stations located in each direction of the 7500-acre port complex, the Port of Los Angeles is the safest in the nation in terms of fire protection and response." http://www.portoflosangeles.org/