Choir Party - July 20, 2008

We attended the Choir Kokomo Pool Party.
Tinky Winky stayed away from the pool, as playing in water is not a concept known in Teletubbyland…however, TW did enjoy visiting with tall, dark and handsome Lewis.
A June bug landed on Judy and I said, “Hold still, I want to get a shot.” But Judy reacted like a game of hot potato, jumping and screaming. Then the June bug landed on Jeannie, who was such a sport...she held perfectly still, giving me time to get several shots. Jeannie said, “It felt hot.” We decided wearing a live scarab on you third eye, must generate heat. It was unusual to see a June bug in mid-day as they are nocturnal. Did you know the June bug is full of edible fats and proteins? It can be a rich source of food, an appetite stimulating medicine when prepared correctly.