Holy Union - August 8, 2008

Tonight we photographed a Holy Union for some friends.
I caught Tinky Winky playing in the floral arch before the guests arrived.
A Holy Union is a commitment ceremony (like a wedding) usually between same sex couples who are denied the right to legal marriage. Although California currently allows legal same-sex marriages, there are many places which do not. Same-sex marriages are legal in Belgium, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Spain and Massachusetts. TW doesn’t understand why some people reject love that is different, yet similar to their own. But then Teletubbyland doesn’t divide its’ inhabitants into male and female. Where Tinky Winky comes from, they have everything they need and love each other very much, which is why they are always ready to share a Big Hug! TW sends Hugs and Kisses to Caron and Kathy.