L'chei-im - 07 SEP 2008

Today Tinky Winky got to attend his first Jewish wedding at a Temple in North Hollywood. In a Reform Community, both men and women may wear a yarmulke to remind one of the presences of God. Wanting to join in the respect, TW put on his only skullcap like headgear, figuring September is traditionally the end of the harvest season, this cap would thank God for the bounty of the earth.

The service was filled with laughter as the Cantor had many funny stories to tell about the happy couple. How fun to attend a wedding where you laugh. The thought just hit me, what is the sound of God? When I'm in the National Forest in Big Bear, it's the wind in the trees…and on the farm it was the song of a Meadow Lark...or at home, when my cat is tucked in under my arm and starts purring…and then, there is the sound of people laughing at a wedding. Mazel Tov Lynne and Ina!
Based on the color of the table cloth, either the youngest or the oldest guest got to take home the centerpiece. TW won by being the youngest…because I wouldn’t admit to being the oldest. (Good thing I didn’t sit next to the mother of the bride!)