Sunnyside Cemetery, Long Beach, CA - 09 JUN 2009

Because it was a typical June morning, heavily overcast, giving everything a soft light without harsh shadows, I decided to head over to Long Beach and re-photograph the Denni Angel (see the first entry of 2009, "Farewell 2008").

I think I like her in black & white the makes the trees less distracting.
While I was shooting, a man came out of the office to tell me the story of another statue on the other side of the cemetery. It seems Ansel Adams made this statue famous in 1939 when he photographed it with Signal Hills in the background. Here's his shot:
The derrick towers are long gone and the trees have grown high enough to cover the hill but from this angle you can see small parts of some grasshopper drills.However, this angle would tell a story similar to the Adams shot...but I prefer the image without a background to distract from the "Angel of Sorrow".
There are no wings, so I have no idea why that's her name.
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