Downtown Los Angeles Reflections – 12 MAR 2010

I noticed the trash cans were all paddle keep the trash in the cans?
This first time I saw building murals was when I moved to Los Angeles in 1968. This one located on 4th & Broadway, is called “Demuestra Quién Eres”.
If you stand on the east side of the Bradbury Building, you see this one located on 2nd & Broadway. Called "The Pope of Broadway" it is a tribute to Anthony Quinn.
Here are some visual reflections:

Million Dollar Theatre in the Doors to the Bradbury Building.
Los Angeles, a place were local customers come in several languages.
Located in the Million Dollar Theatre building, the Million Dollar Pharmacy is a very unique store. They have a small pharmaceutical area, but a large collection of everything else including sex aids, catholic statues & candles, voodoo dolls, and every type of potion, powder, or trinket needed to cast any kind of Santeria spell.

The last six reflections of Los Angeles were taken in 2005:

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