First Day Issue Ceremony - 30 APR 2010

My friend, Eve, invited me to join her for a USPS First Day Issue Ceremony for the Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamp series. Since Ellen DeGeneres was going to be there, I thought why not. I had never been to The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood and was delighted to find Tinky Winky loved posing with the statues they had outside the building. Here's TW...
Away we go...
Old habits left over from "Hangin' with a Rough Crowd" (see blog entry Feb 25, 2008).
Fun with Red:
Every tourist stops to have a picture taken with Lucy:
Smile you're on Candid Camera...this stranger had no idea I was catching her perfect pose:
As for the ceremony, it was more educational than entertaining. Did you know, if one in eight people adopted a shelter pet, we could eliminate the euthanasia of healthy pets in the US? I'm glad to say all my pets have been rescue animals. And yes, Ellen was there:
We were told Ellen would not be giving autographs after the ceremony, but people rushed the stage and she obliged as many as she could before being pulled away for another engagement.
I found out, attending a First Day Issue ceremony was on Eve's bucket list...mine would be having one of my photos on a "nation-wide" issued stamp.