Fort Hamilton, NY - 19 OCT 2010

Located at the foot of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, this small fort in Brooklyn is the only active military base in metropolitan New York City.
This place is a postage stamp compared to the most army installations, and yet, they process more enlistments than any other post. A small American battery fired on the British men-of-war convoying troops from this location in 1776.They had a small but impressive museum located in what was once the battery across from the main fort. (Note the grass roof on the battery on the left.) Inside the museum:They have artifacts from the Revolutionary War to WWII, including this cannon which used to shoot out the window it is located in front of.
Still has the original doors:
Part of the main fort that later served as an Officers Club.How does one load a 1,000 pound cannon ball? This was the view from my hotel room...with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background:I was thinking it would be fun to one day walk the Brooklyn Bridge. The next day I was leaving my room at the same time as my neighbor; we starting talking in the elevator and she told me she was on her way to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, so I tagged along.
It would be fun to do a photo series of this's got so many interesting lines.
Found this old lock:

This is one of those scenes which make you say. "Only in New York." There is a Law Office above a Restaurant, next to a Trophy Store under a Psychic Reader, next to an Ale House next to a Sandwich Shop.
I love this time of year:I couldn't tell if it was the store owner or the upstairs tenants who got into the decorating.
I saw this fun bike rack...
...with a sad reminder: don't lock your bike to it's built-in chain hook.