Mountain View, CA - 01 SEP 2011

My last teach for this wave was in Mountain View, CA, 20 miles northwest of San Jose, at the US Armed Forces Reserve Center.
Located next to the NASA Research Lab:
I told my students it was my birthday and I usually have pumpkin pie instead of cake but it's hard to find, this time of year. The next morning they surprised me with three pies (apple, cherry, berry) as no pumpkin was to be found. TW helped me blow out the candles:
The training center had several display cases with different historical artifacts. This display on the stair landing was very toughing. 
The photo display reads:
Our Fallen Heroes  
11 September 2001 – Present
351st Civil Affairs Command & 7th Psychological Operations Command
United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne)
This is called the Fallen Soldier Battle Cross, this one holds the dog tags of those represented in the photos.
I was told the Navy base next door has a museum, so I went over after class to check out the Moffett Field Museum, however it closed at . I looked in the windows; I hope I get back to the area when they are open because it looked like it had a lot of information packed into a small building.
Moffett Field Hanger One was an is an incredible beast…the floor covers eight acres and could hold 10 football fields. 
Built during “The Depression” it was a WWII blimp hanger and is one of the largest unsupported structures in the country. The interior is so large, fog sometimes forms near the ceiling. This VP-91 P-3 would look like a toy inside of it: