Good Bye 2011

Earlier this week, I was driving south on the 405 freeway (just east of the 110) and noticed the Dominguez Hills Golf Course Mascot, a 20 foot Golf (Muffler) Man, was sporting Quicksilver shorts. I thought, I need to photograph him.
This golf club wielding giant has been standing next to the freeway for as long as I can remember. I moved to San Pedro in 1968 and this golf course was established the next year…just when Golf Man appeared, is questionable. I was attending a Boxing party and heard the golf course was closing at the end of the year. It is going to become the Porsche Experience Center of Los Angeles, a 53-acre off-road, state-of-the-art, test-track and handling course. The next day, I had Todd give me a drive by, so I could shoot from the car. His pants were already gone but at least I caught The Golf Man before he to, became history.