Barbara Fritchie Fine Food, Frederick, MD – 16 MAY 2012

When I asked my class about little know facts about the Frederick, MD area, the name Barbara Fritchie came up...never having heard of this women, I did some research. She was imortalized in a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier ( . The event he depicts is about her waving the US Flag at the Confederate troops as the march through Frederick during the Civil War. There seems to be no historical basis for this event; yet, she seems to be an important part of Frederick history. Her resonstructed house is on the walking-tour of historic spots, a large tribute to her is in the local cemetery and there is a restaurant named after her that has been in business since 1910.  I went  to the restaurant.
In 1910 a Mr. Kramer opened the Barbara Fritchie Candy Store on West Patrick Street in downtown Frederick. 
In the 40’s & 50’s the Kramer family had the Barbara Fritchie Candy & Restaurant Factory on Route 355.
Then this location, the Barbara Fritchie Restaurant and Candy Shop, was opened in 1960 on West Patrick Street, Route 40.
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