Clark Atlanta University Homecoming - 26 OCT 2013

In 1988, Atlanta University and Clark College merged to become Clark-Atlanta. Located on 126 acres near the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA, this historically Black college was listed by US News 2014 edition of Best Colleges as RNP (Ranked Not Published).
An extended family member was spending her first collage days away-from-home, so her Grandmother and I went to see her preform in the cheer squad.
Everyone was very friendly, the band was great and all the side-line activity made it hard to watch the game.
The opposing team:
Notice our team, throwing someone so high, I almost didn't get her in the shot:
It might be a small university, but it had all the fun and pomp of a much larger institution.
I was really impressed with the Homecoming Queen’s Ride.
Their art galleries were not open the day we were there, but I was very impressed with six murals in the lobby, painted by Hale Woodruff, titled Art of the Negro.
I  was excited to learn he also did a mural in Los Angeles for the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company (future field trip, coming). 
Just as we were leaving, I saw this crossing sign that some cleaver student had altered with a Red Bull can.