New Addition to the Family – 18 SEP 2014

A visit to the local animal shelter, lead to an increase to our four-legged family.
A seven year old Chihuahua mix, who the Vet thinks might be older because of the grey muzzle.
Her name was CiCi but since she didn't respond to that name, we changed it to Rita (Hayworth) as she dances (moon walks after whizzing) and does a two-legged hop for treats.
She fits right in with her new brothers, Rudy Vallee, and Clark Gable.
Her tail is usually up and wagging, she is bright eyed and loves to follow Gable around the yard while he barks at activity on the street, looking like Batman and Robin on patrol.
According to her records, she's been in and out of the pound several times over the years. I can only guess it's because at her late age she is still not house broken.
She sleeps under my arm, not moving all night, happy to have a secure, loving environment. Her presence has had a surprising effect on my cat, Max, who after several years, still hisses at Gable. Bringing one more dog into the house, has made Max acquiescent to the canine situation.