The Birthday Party – 16 JAN 2010

I went up to Fresno for Riley’s “year two” birthday party. The first baby birthday party I photographed was for Riley’s mother, Casey, when she was one. It was held in an ice cream parlor. Casey’s mother (Debra) knew I liked ice cream and promised if I attended, she would return the favor by never inviting me to a Chucky Cheese party. I never dreamed then, someday I would be photographing a second generation, toddler party.
Riley’s party was held at ‘The Little Gym’ a children’s gymnastic center with special activities for preschoolers.
Shoeless adults and toddlers were released in a padded room with child size equipment.
They had some party games but most of the time Riley was too excited to participate and ran from wall to wall while all her friends did the ‘group’ thing. The expression, “like herding cats” kept coming to mind.

Casey said she thought Riley was so hyper because it was the first time all of her friends from different play groups were in the same room. To me that thought process seems a little too complex for a 2 yr old…I think it was just joy because it was play time…and like Riley, I’d rather run around screaming for joy then sit with a group following instructions!

The party followed the Auntie M motto on how to be a God Mother: “Play and have fun, feed them sugar, and send them home.”

After the padded room play, it was cake and ice cream, followed by gift opening and then bye, bye babies.