Family Portraits – 18 JAN 2010

Monday we worked on trying to get a family portrait. It was difficult to get Riley to join us.
But I was able to get a couple of good shots.

This was my first road trip with Rudy…he was a trooper. Their dogs, Buster and Annie, welcomed him without reservation. Rudy had a great time playing with everyone. This was the only shot I could get all the dogs.
After breakfast I heard the sound of little feet running up & down the hall and bursts of laughter. Seems Riley and Rudy had worked out their own game…chasing each other down the hall and into her bedroom. Sometimes Riley chased Rudy and sometimes Rudy chased Riley. Then Riley would hide in her bedroom while Rudy would run down the hall and back, which caused Riley to burst out in a fit of laughter; and this, the dog would do over and over. Of course when I grabbed my camera all action stopped.