Drive to Fort Sill, OK - 05 JUL 2010

Last week I was at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I didn't have a camera with me, so I went to a local pawn shop and purchased a small Kodak...for twenty dollars, I'm calling it a disposable. Then, I went round the Fort taking pics; however when I got home, I found the memory card would not download. I purchased a new card (with three times the memory) from Big Lots for ten dollars. Now my $30 disposable camera is my road show challenge: produce interesting shots with inferior equipment. This week's assignment, I flew to Oklahoma City and took an hour plus drive, south to Lawton. I wanted to see the country side not the interstate, so I choose to take the back roads. I was not disappointed. With no signage to tell me what I had found, these interesting creatures were standing in a field, behind a locked fence:

As I was leaving, this 4 inch grasshopper jumped on my windshield. Amazingly, it was able to hold on until I reached 67 miles per hour.I also found an interesting mailbox.