Traffic Hazard - 17 JUL 2010

Todd picked me up at the airport the other day. His friend Richard was in the car and they brought my little dog, Rudy, with them. Rudy and I were in the back passenger seat. We were at a stop light when Todd realized the gas station we wanted to stop at, was on this corner, 500 feet away and he needed to move over one lane. To my right was a small airport parking lot bus/van. I told Todd, "Here, I'll just hold Rudy out the window and he'll distract them so you can move over." It was a warm day and the bus driver had his windows open. As soon as Rudy was in the window, we saw smiles and heard cooing sounds as the driver and several passengers found Rudy adorable. Richard & I made hand signals, requesting permission to cut over, and received happy approval. Todd said, "Not only did it work, I can't believe it worked so well!"
Yes, my dog has a face that will stop traffic.