Springfield, IL - 29 APR 2011

This week I'm teaching the Army National Guard in Springfield, IL. Found this cute sign on my drive to work:Illinois may be the land of Lincoln but Springfield is all things Lincoln. For lunch I went downtown and found him in the Plaza…Tinky Winky helps Mary adjust his coat:
The Old Capitol Building was very impressive…completely reconstructed in the 1960’s using the original bricks, it served as the seat of state government from 1839-1876…which means Lincoln worked here as a lawyer and during his last term in the Illinois House of Representatives. This was also the location of his famous “House Divided” speech and his final laying-in-state location on May 3-4, 1865. View from the window:Check out their official website for more photos: http://www.oldstatecapitol.org/osc.htm The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum complex consists of two similar looking buildings across the street from each other. The museum consists of 12 different areas…after purchasing a ticket at the Gateway, you enter the Plaza where you are greeted the Lincoln Family: Every student wants to get their photo taken with the First Family…
Every student wants to get their photo taken with the First Family… …sometimes all at once:
All the manikins are life-like figures on the quality of Madame Tussauds. Tinky Winky visits with a young Abe:
The museum was state-of-the-art with several informative movies and exhibits…but the real “E” Ticket was the Holavision®Theater: Ghosts of the Library…better then anything I’ve seen at Disneyland/world or Universal Studios. To learn more, check out this link: http://www.alplm.org/museum/ghosts.html
Tinky Winky visits the gift shop. Yes, this is a machine that will take a coin with the image of Lincoln on it and imprint it with an image of Lincoln…does anyone see the redundancy?