Stuttgart, Germany – 20 MAR 2011

Checked into the hotel to find this greeting: Found this interesting sign in the bathroom:
Tinky Winky now wants to ride every bull he finds: Drove over to the Installation to find my classroom and found this around the corner:
The next day I went out looking for a cemetery, but the two GPS locations I had just dumped me in town. I spotted a large high wall and was sure there was a cemetery behind it...but this is what I finally found after trying three times to get around the wall: Decided to walk over to have a closer look: It was a Natural History Museum. Around the corner I found this:
It must be gorgeous when everything is in bloom. The two spots on her right thigh are finger she must have been complete at one time...
...unlike poor Venus de Milo who hasn't been whole for centuries.
Out front was a (non-working) fountain with this 'girlfriends' statuary...which was lovely from any angle:
I gave up on the cemeteries and decided to check out the Sunday Brunch at the hotel...when leaving the park, I found this Adler sign:
Went up to the Executive Lounge to print out a file and re-discovered the joys of trying to use a German keyboard:
It took me forever to find the @ which is under the Q and requires using the alt key. I now understood why my German students have trouble finding the * which is not above the 8 on this keyboard. Notice the Z & Y are reversed.
Above: Tinky Winky finds some like-minded friends at the German Cantina.
Checked out the hugh mall around the corner from the hotel...looked like any large mall except all the brands and store names were different. Above is the childrens section of a hair salon. Below is a toy store that had small rubber Tinky Winkys.
The week is almost over, I'm heading home...TW and I wave good-bye to Germany.