Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington DC – 09 JUL 2011

As the sign says, this cemetery belongs to St Paul’s Church and was established in 1719.
The church began as a mission in 1712 and is the only surviving colonial church in the DC area.
There are several notable residents including a signer of the US Constitution.

No 'Beloved wife of...' here; she who dies last gets the last word: 


Side window:





His pedestal: 

The image below I found listed in "Art Inventories Catalog" of the Smithsonian American Art Museum:!377979!0#focus
All I could learn about him was the 1880 census listed his occupation as "Restaurant."
This lovely was just standing against the the wall:
Some lovely modern ones:
Base reads:

Attached marker:

Kauffmann panels below:

Hitt panels below:

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