World's First KFC, Salt Lake City - June 2011

I was driving down the freeway when I saw this sign:
I got off the freeway and went looking for the building with the sign. It was an office building, but I could see a life size Colonel Sanders in the entrance alcove. Since it was after business hours, it was closed. I put the location in my navigation system, determined to return.
The next day, I ran over on my lunch break and found it was not the location of the original KFC but the Corporate offices of the Harman Management Corporation who operate one of the largest KFC franchise. 
There was a display of memorabilia and this religious statue. I had to hold TW back, after the Temple, he thinks he’s part of the Priesthood.
They were very friendly and helpful…giving me pamphlets, autographed biography of Pete Harman and the address to the original Harman Café which was the first location to serve Kentucky Fried Chicken, in1952. Next, I headed over to the World’s First KFC for lunch.
On the drive over I found this interesting tower.
Located at 3890 South State Street, the new building replaced the original in 2004.
Leon W. “Pete” Harman and his wife Arline built their Harman Café in 1951, the same year Pete met Colonel Harland Sanders in Chicago while taking a restaurant course. 

A few months later, the Colonel was visiting in Salt Lake City and insisted on cooking his “Col. Sanders" secret recipe chicken.
It involved using a pressure cooker, which is now on display in the Harman café.
Pete and Arline fell in love with his chicken recipe and wanted to feature it in their restaurant…coining the name Kentucky Fried Chicken.  
In his biography, Secret Recipe, Harmon is described as “the quite family man, the soft-spoken Mormon, the gifted businessman” and the Colonel as “brash and outspoken, a showman, a genius in the kitchen” who complemented each other perfectly.
Their deal, sealed with a handshake, made Pete the Colonel’s first franchisee. Today the Harman Corp has over 330 restaurants in California  Colorado, Washington and Utah…and “The Colonel” is an icon, known around the world.
The café is filled with ribbons of quotes: “Everyone does something damn good. It’s our job to figure out what it is and let them do it." "Somehow we’ll do it, by the principles of thrift, honor, integrity and charity.”
“More opportunities for more people. The only way you keep doing that is to put people first.”
“In most cases, you earn what you get. I’ve had opportunities, so I’ve always wanted to share that with everyone else. I want people to work to have ownership. Make People belong. Let them know you appreciate what they do. Recognize their successes. They’ll like you better and work better if you do.” “When you hire somebody, probably the greatest thing you can do is make them believe they are going to be successful. The second key is to let them know you care.” 
“We’re not in the food business, we’re in the people business.”
I tried their pot pie, it turned out to be one of the best I've eaten.
TW wanted to stay and play with the chickens...until I explained where lunch came from. 

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