Mount Holly, NJ – 29 FEB 2012

I was at Fort Dix, NJ about 16 miles southeast of Trenton. Someone told me there was a museum on post, but I couldn’t find it, so I spent my spare time (in the rain) visiting the historic town where my hotel was located.
I never got to see the Mount the town is named after because it was overcast and raining during the daylight hours. The Mount is 185 feet above sea level while the center of town is only 15 feet above sea level and it was the site of an important skirmish during the battle of Trenton (1776).

I was driving around town and found St.Andrew’s Graveyard. It was raining but I had to get out of the car for a few photographs.
One section of town is call Mill Race Village, where they have turned the houses into shops.
The Silver Lining – Fine Silver and Wearable Art had several cute pieces…I found myself buying souvenirs of friends.
TW goes shopping at the Ghosthunter Store…real paranormal investigators selling equipment and supplies used in their line of work. ( They had a cute t-shirt of a Ouija Board which said: “It’s Just a Game…Until Someone Gets Possessed.”
Fountain Square – Reproduction of the original fountain 1878-1920.
The Spirit of Christmas Store
Above: the oldest continually active fire company in the United States.
The Burlington County Prison completed in 1811 and was used until 1965, is now the Prison Museum.
Mill Street Hotel was built in 1723 and has bee in continuous use as a hotel and tavern since the doors first opened.
The town has several lovely Victorian homes.