Space Murals Museum, Organ, NM – 08 MAR 2012

In order to get to Las Cruse, New Mexico I had to fly into El Paso, TX and drive 45 miles. My assignment this week was at White Sands Missile Range.
Hence, why I have no pictures of the site.
They have a missile museum with a large yard display.
The drive to work was beautiful…as one student told me, “Every morning is a different view.”
On the 20 minute drive from the hotel to WSMR there were some interesting sights. I found another muffler man (albeit armless):
There was a water tank painted with “Space” images:
I pulled off the freeway to investigate and I saw a sign saying Free Museum, so Tinky Winky and I went to check it out.
Roadside America described it beautifully: “…a collection of NASA knick-knacks and orphaned artifacts – items that other institutions didn’t much care about – donated by space enthusiasts, or by astronauts who befriended the museum’s owner, or by locals who work in the space industry…probably the world’s most varied collection of pack-rat space jetsam and memorabilia.”
And a full size mockup of the Mercury Capsule: