Brewery Art Walk – 27 APR 2013

Once a year, the densely populated art community located in the old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery complex, opens its doors to the public for a week-end of art viewing and sales. 
The last time I went was in April of 2010 (also posted on this blog). Two of the artists I posted last time are still here and by coincidence were included in the few images I documented. Customized Drink Containers and…

 The artist who does strange things with dolls:
Tinky Winky found an interesting traffic cone…turned out this artist puts small rubbery cones (shaped like chocolate chips) on common objects.
This artist make faces out of palm fronds:
Tinky Winky becomes part of the art:
I enjoyed the artistic gardens as much as the studio art:
My art was released in the form of flowers:
And in a reflection:
As we were leaving I saw this horse sitting on top of several shipping containers: