Thunder Closet - 3 FEB 2008

We spend the day driving across East North Carolina. My navigation system kept saying, “The route to your destination contains missing or incomplete information. Lawful and legal operation of the vehicle is the drivers’ responsibility.” But today I think my system just went haywire from too many back roads because I typed in Raeford and the screen displayed this message, “Too far away from a road: The system can not plan a route from here to your selected destination (151 mi). The system will start planning a route when it finds a suitable road.” On our unsuitable roads, we found a plantation museum. 
While I was trying to take still life shots, TW kept jumping in to get documented.

When I was a child I spent time at my Aunt and Uncles' farm which did not have running water, hence an outhouse…you don’t know what roughing it is, until you spend a week-end in the winter in Minnesota with an outhouse! Today, we learned a new name for them:
Thunder Closet