Lobster Festival San Pedro 2009

Today Fuji won 3rd place in her first (and perhaps last) Lobsterdog Pet Parade (costume contest). The dog was to be dressed as a Sea Creature or Seafood. No store bought costumes. Fuji was a Sea Urchin, the green kind are from colder waters so I said she was from the Bearing Sea.

Grand Prize went to Gorgeous Bob who was so cute he could have won with seaweed tied around his neck. But his Angle fish costume was also gorgeous. (If you look up the Cutest Dog in the Universe it is Mr. Winkle which looks like a cousin to this dog...I think it's a Maltese.) This Lobster got 2nd place, large dog.
This Jumbo Shrimp got 1st place, large dog. Her owner was wearing a sign announcing herself as “Cocktail Sauce”.
In the small dog category, third place went to this Seal.
The Pub Lobster on the plate, got 2nd place.
And the Clownfish got 1st place. Turns out, this was an old dog that had won several times before. ..seams the crown has been turned over to another adorable little cutie.
Other contestants, A bag of fish sticks:
I think these guys were part of a band and just put dresses on their dogs and called them dancing fish.This was a Hula Lobster, only to get the full affect you needed to be viewing it from above.
See the hat, sun glasses and grass skirt? She was suppose to dance around on her hind legs to show off her costume but wouldn't do it on stage. (Probably got to tired from dancing back stage.)
They said this one was a puppy who almost grew out of her costume before the big day.
This was a little mermaid.
This one looks like they took a dinosaur costume and attached a crab. He was actually a Monster Seafood Chief, but his hat kept falling off.
Yes, it's as sharp as it looks...I was bleeding from both forearms by the end of the show because I kept taking her costume off when we were back stage so Fuji wouldn't get too hot.
Although there were no written guidelines explaining the judging criteria in advance, it was announced that it was being judged on originality & creativity. All dogs over 30 pounds were considered large dog category. All in all, I think we were robbed, Fuji was much more creative and original than large dog 1 & 2. There should have been a middle size dog category (under 50 over 30). A small dog will always win when it comes to cuteness and lets face it…they are easier to decorate. Besides if it’s under 30 pounds it’s really not a dog…it’s a toy!

Congratulations Gorgeous Bob you were FABULOUS and deserved the Grand Prize!

P.S. Keep an eye out on Animal Planet, they were filming.
(On stage photos taken by Todd Titterud.)